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Alternative Investment Management Through the Energy Transition

e360 Power LLC is an alternative investment firm based in Austin, Texas that offers access to niche US power and energy markets to generate superior uncorrelated returns.

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Diversify your Investment Portfolio and Generate Uncorrelated Returns

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As some of the first participants in deregulated U.S. power markets, e360 Power portfolio managers have traded through multiple cycles, offering a pure exposure to difficulty accessed wholesale electricity markets, global natural gas markets, and emissions markets. Power dispatch is uniquely uncorrelated to most asset classes like equities, fixed income, and narrower alternative markets.

Deliver Alpha

The investment objective of the firm is to generate superior absolute returns from the North American electricity and related global energy markets with a discretionary fundamental strategy.


The US power markets offer a unique and uncorrelated opportunity among commodity investments. Power markets demonstrate lower levels of efficiency compared to more established commodity markets.

Niche Markets

Constant dislocations in the underlying physical market and the clear connection in power to price driven fundamentals provide numerous trading opportunities.

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With decades of experience in trading electricity markets, the e360 Power energy Austin hedge funds team has developed a proven investment philosophy

Our Results

Qualified investors can access our historical performance through institutional-level manager databases. Our goal is to contribute superior, diverse returns to investor portfolios.

Who We Benefit

As some of the earliest participants in US power markets, the e360 Power portfolio managers are uniquely positioned to navigate the Energy Transition. We provide one of a kind, direct exposure to a niche, difficult to access asset class.



With a broad range of exposures in most institutional portfolios, decarbonization poses many current risks. E360 Power can provide unique insight into the electrification of economies.

Family Offices in an office building.


Often leading the way in cutting-edge manager research, Family Offices are well positioned to be a first mover into lesser known niche markets. Trust our alternative investment management in Austin, TX.

Fund of Funds' expertise in Austin, Texas.

Fund of

Institutional clients can often rely on a Fund of Funds’ expertise to provide managed access to a portfolio of managers they otherwise are not equipped to source. Fund of Funds play an important role to bridge the gap between clients and our strategy.

Private wealth manager.


Both high net worth individuals and clients of Private Wealth managers can gain access to the unique and uncorrelated markets we offer through onshore and offshore commingled fund vehicles.

About e360 Power

e360 Power LLC is an asset management firm based in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2009, the firm is designed to generate superior absolute returns through fundamental discretionary trading strategies in North American electricity markets and global natural gas markets, and their related energy futures and options markets.

A hydroelectric power plant.

Access to the strategy is available through both onshore and offshore hedge fund vehicles.

e360 Power’s portfolio managers each have 20+ years of direct experience trading wholesale electricity and its related markets. To source even a single individual with this level of experience is extremely difficult, and yet e360 Power boasts three of the most tenured portfolio managers in the industry. Turn to us for asset management and hedge funds in Austin.

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Our Principles

We approach our markets fundamentally, and we enter our trading themes with discretion, utilizing the deep experience of our portfolio managers. Our thorough technical analysis helps define our entry/exit points and sizing.

Rigorous Research Process

Our idea generation is supported by a robust and continually evolving research process, involving both fundamental and technical analysis.

Constant Challenge
of Thought

As we process new data in real time, research analysts and portfolio managers continually debate the validity of new and existing trade ideas.

Single Book
of Best Ideas

Alignment starts with portfolio managers having significant portions of their personal wealth invested alongside external LPs. We believe business risk is reduced when portfolio managers share ownership of a single book of best ideas.


With a track history of 12+ years, e360 Power has developed and nurtured meaningful relationships both externally and internally, having maintained a core team dedicated to the stability and health of the firm.

Our team - 70 years of combined investment experience

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We believe the opportunity ahead has unprecedented potential. The electrification of economies will change the way societies produce and consume electricity, yielding great potential for the power market. Contact our Austin alternative asset managers today.

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