Electricity marketer.
Electricity marketer.

e360 Power Investment Strategies

We believe the inefficiencies of US wholesale electricity markets offer uncorrelated opportunities to qualified investors. Our Flagship product provides access to this niche asset class that can fit a wide range of investor preferences. Our hedge fund's investment strategy aims to diversify any portfolio.

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e360 Power Flagship Strategy

The Flagship alternative investment strategy has been running since 2009, producing uncorrelated returns through active participation in difficult-to-access wholesale electricity markets. By taking a fundamental, discretionary approach to portfolio construction, we aim to provide investors with unique diversification.

The flagship alternative investor.

Performance Data

To view our monthly performance history, Qualified Eligible Participants can request access to several institutional & consultant hedge fund and alternative investment databases. You can also contact us directly to learn more.

Investment Goal

No matter the market environment, the search for uncorrelated, diversifying returns through a powerful hedge fund investment strategy will have significant value to certain investors. The inefficiencies of power markets continue to provide this characteristic.

Investor Profile

The Flagship strategy return stream can provide alpha to investors ranging from Ultra High Net Worth Individuals & Family Offices to Endowments & Foundations.

e360 Power Volta Strategy

Coming Soon...

e360 Power Volta strategists.

Flagship Strategy



Net Return Target


Volatility Target

Front 48 Months

Curve Focus

8-10 themes at any given time

Trade Themes

e360 Portfolio Managers

e360 Power portfolio managers have deep experience in trading energy markets since power deregulation covering all major hubs in the US.

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Risk Management & Fundamental Research at the Heart

Alpha generation is a result of a rigorous fundamental analysis around supply and demand balances that drive price formation.

To create our alternative investing strategies, our experienced portfolio managers then express thematic trade ideas into the portfolio through the lens of a considerate approach to evaluating risks in power markets.

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Risk Management research process.

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We are passionate about what we do. We think the investment community is underestimating the far reaching consequences and the potential alternative investment strategies as the world attempts to solve for cleaner energy. It is both fascinating and problematic, and our team is ready to have an eye opening conversation with you.

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