About Us

Our Investment Philosophy

River as a symbol of energy markets' power.

The dynamic nature of power and energy markets provides opportunities to capture alpha through directional, relative value, and volatility strategies. As a nimble group of seasoned traders, the objective of the firm is to generate superior absolute returns that are uncorrelated to equities and the broader commodity market.

Exhaustive Market Research for Insightful Conclusions

Natural resource regulation that disrupts fuel supply for power generation.

Improved liquidity in carbon, emissions, and other enviro markets which naturally link to our strategy.

Navigating the Energy Transition by Investing Into Power & Gas

Wind & solar electricity penetration is driving changes in grid dynamics.

Load patterns will be affected by microgrids, off-system demand growth, and efficiency technology.

We Use Risk-Wise Investment Strategies

Previously insulated from each other, global gas markets now have meaningful relationships, providing areas of new opportunities.

Aging energy infrastructure and planned replacement facilities can result in regional dislocations.

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Who e360 power are

We are an alternative investment managers focused on generating uncorrelated returns through the execution of fundamental trading strategies across the energy complex

Alternative energy in North America.

e360 Power, LLC is an Austin, Texas-based asset management firm founded in 2009 designed to generate superior absolute returns through fundamental discretionary trading strategies in the North American electricity, global natural gas and related energy futures & options markets.


our principles

Our managers take a thorough approach when analyzing markets and use their deep expertise to assess the value of trade themes and define entry and exit points, as well as sizing, before adding them to a portfolio.

Constant Challenge
of Thought

We thoroughly debate the merits of new and existing trade ideas using our research analysis results.

Rigorous Research

Our robust and ever-advancing research process prioritizes fundamental and technical analysis as the first steps in generating fresh ideas.

Single Book
of Best Ideas

We strongly believe business risk is low when portfolio managers invest their personal wealth alongside external LPs and share ownership of a single book of best ideas.

Our team - 70 years of combined investment experience